Wiggle it! w/a Donair burger & Newfie fries

signageInstead of writing about our burger outing at The Wiggle Room   here in Toronto at Bathurst/Dundas area I  am going to keep this post very short so you can WATCH THE VIDEO and feast with your own eyes  this 8×10 converted shipping container that delivers up Canadian street food with an East Coast flair by newlyweds Daniel & Ashley.They make and serve Toronto’s first and only Donair burger.

When will YouTube come with a scratch and sniff feature?!hmm…..smellovision!

These are just a few pics.You can see more here on facebook.


A Burger Eating Contest

On a wet, dull and dreary winter Sunday in January a couple of Broads joined in on a burger eating contest that we were invited to and hosted by BQM Burger here in Toronto at Queen and Spadina. This intersection is becoming burger central with  a McDonald’s on one corner,Hero on another, A&W and of course, BQM Burger since 2008. It doesn’t stop there.Burger’s Priest,a classic American cheeseburger joint, will be opening up a 3rd location in the area in May.

Regardless of how much is in your wallet or on your debit card that’s a good variety of  burgers to choose from within doorsteps of each other for Torontonian burger lovers! However, when it comes to so called competition there isn’t any. BQM Burger burgers are premium quality.The beef is family farmed in Ontario and raised without any added hormones or antibiotics.Every single patty is in house grinded-brisket,chuck and sirloin and served up medium rare and they also  have a large selection of craft beers to compliment any burger of your choosing.


Normally, Doing burger eating contests is not our style.We like to bite.chew.swallow and savor every bite very slowly.And in general, food eating contests of any kind are the epitome of food gluttony in the Western World.When I was approached by BQM to join in and attend the contest,I had to think about it.Was it something we, The Burger Broads,wanted to be a part of ? promote? Well, I decided to wrangle a couple of Broads to do it afterall because as much as we like to showcase burgers and interview owners I thought this could be a fun thing to do, just once and a good way to break up the monotony of  these dreary weeks of winter in January while also giving myself a break from the homework at hand of the ideas i have in store for this coming year.

The Burgers were kept simple.


No toppings of any sort.Only ketchup,mustard and aioli if you  chose to…..it was just meat and bun..and OMB! (oh, my Burger!) The meat! The Bun! both so good individually so imagine how burgasmic they were together.To me, the true test of a deliciously made burger is eating it with out all the accoutrements and BQM is The Truth! The meat was void of fillers and seasoned ever so lightly with kosher sea salt and black pepper. Perfect.The bun was an egg bun and it too was perfect.And perfect for the meat.

There were seven contestants in total and 2 of them were the only females,My Broads,Sharon and Krista.Seems to me these food eating contests are mostly attended by males so I was proud to have The  Burger Broads represent the female contingency.

These boys you’ll see in the video below were very serious about this contest while us Broads ate,laughed and gushed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.bq7


So as you can figure we didn’t win the contest,which by the way was a case of Sleeman’s Draught, but because we ‘took on the boys‘ so to speak, we were awarded a 6pack:) Not a bad day at all for saying yes….free burgers and beer! and lotsa laughs….

…….and that’s how We Broads eat’n’roll!

In Burgers We Trust,

Ms.D-Madame of The BroadHouse

CLICK THIS for more pics on facebook.

Burger Ball 2012 Wrap Up

November was a whirlwind of a month.December too and today being December 21st  glad that it’s almost over! the year that is,not the world;) It’s always this time of year that there are so many events and parties to attend and we were thrilled to have a great turnout at our very first annual Burger Ball raising awareness for a local Vegetarian Food Bank. And what an eclectic bunch of people they were! Lots of prizes were given away courtesy of Ted Reader,Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre, Aye LightHouse B&B, Glory Hole Doughnuts, and Rebel Geisha to name but a few.

BurgerBallPoster25website  This Burger Ball/fundraiser is something we want to do every year.To help raise awareness and /or funds for food related or women related charities that don’t get much press,exposure or financial assistance.

 This year our guest of honor,Honorary Burger Broad, was Dana McCauley, one of the  judges from Recipe to Riches on The Food Network. She is even more of a Broad in person!

We hosted it at a burger joint called Burger Stomper which was also featured on Dragon’s Den recently and they did a delicious job of catering to the meatatarian and vegetarian crowd with their patented Burger Stomper while our official sponsor SteamWhistle kept our whistles wet.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are winding down around here at the BroadHouse preparing and making plans for next year.

Do hope you will continue to follow our journey as we go forth with new, unpredictable and exciting things!

Here’s an article from On The Danforth (magazine) about the party.

and here’s a video of me, Ms.D giving a speech and presenting the award to Dana, filmed by one of the party-goers

Here are some pics (see below) from The Burger Ball 2012

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones and may 2013 be a year of less french fries and more green beans;)

Stay Hungry and Munch On!



The Beet -Organic Cafe

I first discovered The Beet at Burger Day held at Wychwood Barns back in June.They were one of many burger vendors sampling their burger bites.I had the lamb burger and was smitten. I just had to do a showcase about this burger,specifically,the Organic,lamb burger! Hold on Vegetarian burger lovers because as much as we went for the lamb burger the film shoot became all about the Tofu/Veggie burger.

Veggie Burger Heaven.. I didn’t think it existed but I found it here at The Beet.

The Beet-Organic Cafe is in the slow but surely,up and and coming neighbourhood called The Junction,in Toronto, located roughly in the area of Bloor St., Dupont St., Lansdowne Ave, and Dundas St. West. The “triangle” shape of the neighbourhood is formed by the three sets of railroad tracks on the north, west, and east sides. Like any neighbourhood before becoming gentrified it has had a dubious and rough reputation. However,when artists move into a neighbourhood it is inevitable that cafe’s,art galleries  and unique,interesting restaurants open up  creating a desirable place to hang out for the locals and lures people from other parts of the city to come find out what all the buzz is about.

The Beet has been part of the neighbourhood now for almost 5yrs owned and operated by 2 women.One a Certified Nutritionist, the other a Homeopathic Doctor.

Not only is the food local, fresh and organic,the heritage building they live in used to be a TD Bank so the decor was planned  eco-consciously.

We also recruited a new Burger Broad for this showcase/interview.Helen,one of the owners of the husband and wife team of The Food Cabbie food truck.A few weeks ago we did The Food Cabbie and Helen was hooked after seeing us do our thing. She wanted to be a Burger Broad too and an amazing job she did! She was so excited, she stayed up until 4am the night before for our burger breakfast at 10:30 am researching and finding everything out she could before the shoot.So, without further ado come inside and watch The Burger Broads gush over the burgers,especially the tofu burger.

Burgers are cooked in the oven!

See more pics on facebook

The Food Cabbie-Food Truck

YAY!  we found a food truck in Toronto that does authentic American burgers.Last weekend we took a road trip to Markham to catch up with Food Cabbie where they were dispatched to a hockey festival.

Burgers,Broads and NHL hockey players! When they weren’t busy signing autographs they were inside the arena coaching, giving tips and slapping sticks with hundreds of hockey enthusiasts but we did manage to get a photo taken with them.

The guy you see wearing the Burger Broads t-shirt was our special guest and Broad Boy,Jay. Every once in awhile we like to throw a guy into the mix and see what happens:) He was thrilled to meet the players, especially Steve Stamkos. The other players in attendance were Michael del Zotto,Brandon Gaunce,Cameron Gaunce  and Cody Hedgson. Maybe one day we will be able to sit down with them and share a burger on video!

Ok.. Back to the Food Cabbie. Our first food truck! Doing a food truck was challenging.The space is small and the truck is noisy due to the generator but we managed and it all worked out.

Toronto’s food truck business has flourished over this past summer. It seems there’s a new one on the streets every other weekend.The Food Cabbie has been in business for one year and we wanted to find out why the gypsy lifestyle was so appealing to Spiros, a chef by trade.

Originally from the U.S (Napa Valley,California) he has owned a couple restaurants before.One being Chicago Pizza Kitchen and the other Spiros-Steak and Seafood. First of all, we wanted to know why he came to Canada!?

Love, baby,Love! He met his now wife,Helen, through mutual friends and well, as he proves, ya gotta go where the heart leads.It’s a match made in food heaven. Helen grew up in the restaurant business where her family owns a beach bar in Kalamata,Greece and upon arriving they instantly welcomed us like family.

Together, they have made Food Cabbie a Toronto favorite on the food truck scene.They like moving around,meeting all kinds of people and sharing their love of food,in this case particularly authentic American fare.Every day is different and they can adjust the menu according to the event.Having a food truck also means that they can be dispatched anywhere.They do a lot of corporate parties and even street festivals so consider yourself lucky if you happen to see them in the downtown city core.

This particular day, for us, they served up The Patty Melt,The Cal-Mex  and The L.A Tommy Burger.

The Patty Melt

The all beef,freshly ground meat was WOW! Never tasted anything like it before.It was unadulterated with only salt and pepper for seasoning and it had a good chew.Sometimes when meat is ground it is too soft, too mushy.Some like it like that but I like texture! The cool thing about these too was that it was 2 patties layered,not on top of each other but more like overlapped.

                                                            The Cal-Mex Cheeseburger sans cheese

The L.A Tommy Burger

After we mowed down we wanted to have some fun with our special guest Broad Boy,Jay.

He was a good sport..just the way we like em;)So come inside and meet Spiros,watch Burger Broads KJ and Susan and Broad Boy Jay eat and find out if they liked their burger.Find out too if Jay got dunked.

More Photos on facebook

Meet the Man behind the Meat-Peter Sanagan

We came across Peter Sanagan at the first ever Burger Day held in Toronto at Wychwood Barns back in June.He was the guest expert speaker on how to choose and cook your meat when it comes to making a home made burger.

When you think of what a butcher looks like and/or acts like Peter is not your typical butcher.He is soft-spoken,well-spoken and is also quite the writer/blogger.Whether in his writing or when he speaks his unabashed farm boy charm shines through.The day we met up with him at his home away from home there was jazz music playing in the background of  his cozy 400 square foot store while he and his other 4 butchers (employees) were tenderly preparing up the day’s meats.

Just shy of the age of 40 years he has been a chef,a teacher and worked in some of Toronto’s best kitchens. After seeing a ‘for sale’ sign on an historical butcher shop in Kensington Market, Peter dived in and has been the owner/operator of what has become known to loyal customers as Sanagan’s Meat Locker, since 2009.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With coffee in hand we went outside to chat with Peter, a champion and supporter of small farms within Ontario, and sustainability.

Come inside and meet the man behind the meat(your local butcher) whom we Broads endearingly call ‘The Intellectual Butcher’. This is Part 1.

Then watch Part 2 where Peter talks about how to detect organic meat,trust and branding,and his plans for a move to a bigger space which will still be in Kensington Market.(end of July) He also tells us what he thinks is the best choice of meat and percentage of fat content that makes up a delicious home made burger.

Note: if your attention span is shorter than 5 minutes then we suggest you move along.We aren’t here to give you quick and dirty soundbites.This is an interview. not a commercial.meow.

The Burger Stomper-A Canadian invention!

Through the course of searching out interesting burger culture tidbits on the internet we came across a gadget called “The Burger Stomper“( a hamburger press) that guarantees a perfectly cooked (meaning keeping the juices in, cooking it evenly) and perfectly shaped burger in 5 seconds.

So, now you can say bye-bye and good riddance to frozen patties. <blech>. forever.

What a great thing to have when preparing for your backyard bbq parties! no fussing, no greasy hands, perfect burgers every time…. And it’s a 2 in 1 press with the option of regular size burgers or mini burgers.

We were excited to also learn that this burger stomper gadget was a 100% Canadian invention! O ya! and had also been on The Dragons’ Den (airing soon) so we just had to find out for ourselves if this burger gadget and their burger would deliver us into burgasm heaven.

It was a couple of weeks ago we made the mad dash by foot,transit,bicycle and car to a bright and cheery and oh so relaxed burger joint,(don’t tell them we called it a joint;) that’s just how we Broads tawk..not talk.. tawk;)

Stomper Burger -Gourmet Burgers & Milkshake Bar, on the Danforth in Toronto.

This family friendly place has lots of wood (the tables are made from an old barn) and brick for decor and it just feels like you could hang out there all day with your ipad or read a book although probably not recommended because with only being open for 6 weeks so far, they are already busy with burger fiends and repeat customers. Nick, one of the owners, told us that there was a customer who had been coming in for the past 2weeks, once he discovered the place, 3 times a day! That’s just crazy!  but what a testament!  This place seems to definitely be a welcome addition to the neighborhood of health food stores and  Greek restaurants.

Four of us Broads had 5 burgers (Better than The Other Guy,Cheese Please,The Mediterranean, Sweet Onion D and The Eggsodus PLUS Poutine and Poutine Deluxe, ( and swear it’s the best in the city) onion rings and milkshakes and not your average predictable milkshakes either.We like a sudsy cold  draft of beer with our burgers but these shakes were just as intoxicating made with real ice cream. (The Nutella Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven,Chocolate Mint, and the Birthday Cake.) They do have plans for a patio in the near future and I hope that means that it will be licensed with a beer menu of some local craft beers.Why not!?

What a stompendous, delicious time we had with lots of laughter!!. and although we had all that food mentioned above, we still..well, sorta, had room for the Pièce de résistance, The Secret Stomp. This is a burger that adorable chef/owner John  experiments with his creativity delivering a  burger each week with toppings that aren’t on the menu and boy was ours FUN with a Capital F! with an  ooey gooey surprise which you will see in the video.

Enjoy the slideshow! There’s lots of pics here, with burger beauty shots in the mix, taken by one of our own Burger Broads @circusjo aka “capturedbysugar”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…and then join us while we eat, get loud, get sassy, get messy and interview the Owners and Inventor of  The Burger Stomper

P.S..just so ya know they also have sliders and a lone Big Dog and for those of you who prefer, you can ask for a gluten free bun.

P.S.S.  If you want your very own Burger Stomper you’ll just have to go in person to buy one as they aren’t readily available,YET! or you can get it here online at Amazon

Munch on, Lovers! Go and get yourself Stompified!

Remember, just like you, we are Lovers.

We are not burger critics.We are burger lovers!

*It’s better to be a Lover*

In Burgers We Trust,

Ms.D-Madame of The BroadHouse

It’s our Burgday!

This day last year,April 26th/2011 we filmed our very first burger review video.

But, let’s backtrack just a bit.

9 months earlier,*The Burger Broads* were born in the back alley of a greasy mom and pop diner  on the Queen St W. strip in Toronto. Ok, so it wasn’t quite an alley.It was a small, visually undesirable patio in the back with a couple of picnic tables and not much else besides the garbage bins and empty boxes decorating the place.

After a day of yard saling, The Madame of The BroadHouse (that would be me) was taken to a place that has been around for years, since the 1960`s, catering to the local neighborhood and noon-time beer thirsty regulars for a  burger lunch by a friend who swore up and down that this was THE burger of all burgers in Toronto.


A. 16oz (1lb) of ground beef,spiced and made to order for a whopping $6.95. It was so big it had to be cut in half!

Regardless of the stuck in time decor and the lonely looking clientele nursing their lover in a bottle,there was a charm to the place knowing that it had been around so long, now operated by the son of the father who started it all.

With a very happy,full belly I  just had to let everyone I knew know about this secret place that I had found,which I found out later wasn`t so much of  a secret so even though i was a little slow to hop on the burger shouting bandwagon I rallied up a couple of girlfriends to be my guinea pigs,so to speak, to make a video.

I thought it would be more interesting to see and hear someone eat and talk about the food/the burger rather than just taking pictures and writing about it as so many food bloggers do out there.

And better yet,they had to be females who weren`t afraid of getting messy and who weren`t afraid to eat and talk with their mouths full, at the same time.

On the day of the shoot one of the girls couldn`t make it and without a second thought I put it out to a few more girlfriends.Time was of the essence as I had already spoken with the owner about setting a day and time to shoot.Soon enough a burger loving Broad came to save the day and hence the idea of a roster was initiated.Meaning,that when i would schedule a shoot there would always be someone available to come out for  a burger eating gig.

I have to say,as much as it is a roster it is also a club and preferably I like to think of it as a Club.I have met some amazing women.The women who have come together under this umbrella are dynamic,self -possessed and passionate creatures  living their lives to the fullest AND they love burgers as much as I do.

At first, facebook and twitter were the only platforms we were using to share our findings and love of burgers.At the end of  December 2011 I thought it time to create this collaborative blog. A home where everything could be organized and found easily,not just for potential readers but for my own sanity too:)

We`ve come a long way in our 1st year.Since the beginning we`ve always tried different styles of shooting and editing,coming up with  fun ideas  and always listening to our growing fanbase  …and did ya know?

…….We don`t review or discuss fast food burger chains.Never will.

Thus far in this new year, we changed our shirts from white to black, expanded our Club ( we now  have `Burger Broad Correspondents` in Vancouver,BC ) with plans to grow across Canada,heck why not all of North America!?

I like to think we will always be a Work- In- Progress because we `relish` getting messy…and sometimes cheesy;)

Knowing that we have readers such as yourself it makes me glad that I ran with this crazy idea of mine. In fact,I`ve become quite obsessed and fascinated with burger culture.Everyone loves a burger whether they are meatatarian or vegetarian and on behalf of all of us here in The BroadHouse, I  look forward to sharing more burgers and our continuous,work-in-progress journey with You while we Find.Eat and Share.

Thanks for sharing our Burgday with us!

In celebration of our 1yr mark, we have shotglasses and a waterbottle (which we use as a flask in our latest videos) that  you can acquire pretty much at cost albeit $1:) for the rest of 2012. just click on the pics!

Stay Hungry!


Ms.D-Madame of The BroadHouse

The Pub of all Pubs

Good day fellow burger Lovers.

Normally,we don’t post our  video reviews here in the blog  but we thought this place was very special and wanted to share it with you wherever you live on the planet.

As you may or may not know,we are based in Toronto,Canada and with the smorgasbord variety of burger places from grandma’s greasy spoon to gourmet burger joints we just can’t keep up with all the places that we get suggestions to do!

This place was extra special because this year marks their 25th Anniversary so they contacted us to come and sample their new burger menu and sample we did!

3 Broads and 6 Burgers.We picked our favorites and this video you are about to see will also be on their website at some point in the future.Cool!

A little bit about Paupers Pub:

Once upon a time what now is THE Pub to go to in the heart of The Annex, used to be a bank.(The Bank of Canada) This pub has been around for 25yrs and probably will be around another 25yrs, if not forever! With a rooftop patio,a piano bar and a street level patio too, they always have food and drink specials any given day of the week and it is a spot where creative,artistic types come to hangout and even do business.Famous actors (John Colicos) and not so famous actors also hang out here.We love Pubs! We love Paupers!
Patrick,who you will see in the video has worked at the Pub since the very beginning.He is a walking book of stories about the place,the patrons who frequent the friendly neighbourhood haunt and the area.He is one of the reasons that makes this place just that more extra special.
We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Glimpse into The Life of a Burger Queen -pt 2

Burgin’ in the Annex Toronto,Canada – A Glimpse into the life of a Burger Queen


The following excerpts are real life situations, involving real life hamburgers. Each hamburger that stands before a court of Dean is guilty until consumed completely, in my belly. The subject of these diary entries has agreed to let the public access these excerpts via Internet.

February 3rd, 2012

Tonight is exciting because it’s Friday! “Why Nicole?! You got some PLANS TO PAINT THE TOWN RED?” “Why, Nicole?! You gonna GO BLACK LITE BOWLING OR SOMETHING??”


Tonight, I’m going to successfully order a hamburger online and have it delivered to my front door without ever having to loosen my jogging pants OR pause my episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for more than 4 mins!

Since I’ve moved to Toronto, I’ve realized how different the pace of business is compared to that on the east coast. I find it surprising that so many different types of restaurants, fancy and non-fancy will deliver their goods straight to your front door! I mean, where I’m from the only delivery you can get is pizza or Chinese so naturally, I’ve been totally abusing all of the options from the comfort of my living room.

JUST EAT is a handy dandy little site that connects you to hundreds of locations around the city that deliver. They even filter the options by the category of food in which you’ve really got a hankering for. It brings up the menu of the restaurant you’ve selected, then guides you through a series of steps to complete your order, gives you a time in which it will be delivered  and allows you to write directions for modification to any of the menu items as well as driving directions or building entry, etc.

Through this site, I have discovered a hidden gem in the Annex whose food not only seems to survive the delivery trip itself but in terms of expectation & quality, is overall consistent. ”BBQues” is on the North West corner of Harbord and Spadina, right by those discotheque Pizza Parlours. I’ve never been inside of BBQues but I assume there are a couple of spots for you to enjoy your dirty treats at the front. Then again, it’s in close proximity to a number of schools so perhaps they don’t have seats and I don’t blame them. When those kids get let out on their lunch breaks it’s like you’ve been plunged in the middle of a pre-pubescent daily Flea Market, all of them bartering and calling out items to storekeepers, none of them having enough money to buy every item they’ve collected in their grubby little paws…hooligans…which is EXACTLY why I stick to delivery.

The first time we stumbled upon their menu, I was weary of what a delivered Burg would look like once it got to my house. Would the Styrofoam make the bun all soggy? Would numerous condiments and ingredients make it too soggy?? Would the fries be soggy when they arrived too??? Overall, I had soggy on the brain.

Unfortunately, we were in no condition to be pickin’ n’ choosin’ what we were going to eat that night. We were having one of those nights where you work all day, come home so hungry you could eat 12 hamburgers but instead of eating something, you just keep talking about all of the different things you could be eating.

“We could have Burritos.”

“Nah, I’m still off guacamole.”

“What about Spring Rolls?”

“No, there was seafood in it last time and it turned me off.”

“I don’t know…I just don’t know…”

“I just wish there was a place that delivered hamburgers. Is that so much to ask? That’s what I really want right now….HOLY CRAP! This place delivers hamburgers!”

I was so excited I could feel my hunger melting away immediately.  We stuck to the basics, not wanting to confuse the internet in any way, so that our delicious greasy burgs would come straight to our bellies, no questions asked.


This was a learning lesson, as our order took just over an hour and ten minutes to be delivered but let me tell you, it was worth it. When the delivery man knocked on our door, I leapt to my slippers and prepared to throw the money at him and punch him in the face to take all of my bags at once (I have been known to get violent when I’m hungry).  We set up shop at the coffee table and began to claw open our goodies.

The burger looked magnificent. It was a great size and still plenty hot. I crammed a fry in my mouth and it was also plenty hot and, what’s this? Crispy??  I glanced at my hamburger eating partner and we dived in. The patty was juicy, flavorful and chocked with fresh ingredients that in NO way, spilled over the edge when you took a bite and leave what I like to refer to as a “Hamburger Relish Dump”.  The bun was a standard toasted white sesame bun, pretty fresh and the appropriate size for a monster patty like that. They use real cheddar slices too, and the bacon wasn’t all rubbery or chewy.

Now I’m a pretty standard Broad and I like a good side of fries with my Burg. I’m not half as obsessed with fries as I am with Burgs but I admit…I’m pretty judgemental when it comes to fries. Maybe it’s my potato farmer roots or maybe it’s that I’ve lived within close proximity to the McCain’s French fry factory all of my life ,  in New Brunswick, but either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the fries. You have the option to get wedges or spicy fries and we opted for one order of each. The spicy fries aren’t really spicy at all, they come with that standard seasoning that seems to be the only option for Curly Fries at chain restaurants, sort of like what “All Dressed” would be if it were a potato seasoning, but I liked it.

We were more than satisfied with our purchase for the amount of money we spent and vowed that it would be our new “Thing.” “HEY! Maybe this can be our new THING!” (That’s what I said) We indeed did make it our new thing. I think we’ve ordered it at least 12-17 times within the last 5 months. It is a longer wait on the weekends during peak evening times, but that’s to be expected with most places in the city offering delivery anyhow. We’ve ordered it plenty of other times and it was consistently between 30-45 mins, & ONE DAY it was even as fast as 25 mins.


So in conclusion, if you’re looking for a tasty Burg that delivers, you should check out BBQues at least once. I’m not going to say that it’s the BEST burg in town, that would be a bold statement, but for what it is, its whole package was enough to entice a couple of Burger gals like us to keep on ordering delivery in our jogging pants. What are some of your tried, tested and true favorites in your area?

Go on, make a little list. I love lists.