The Broads

 Meet a few of the Broads who have munched many a burger

She’s a gregarious,no bullshit kinda gal.She likes to be in charge and her career as a Project Manager in the Health system allows her to do just that. When this Burger lovin’ Broad isn’t eating burgers or making her own on the bbq she loves going to concerts,working out,throwing dinner parties and playing baseball in a local Toronto league.She can hang with the guys too and give them a run for their money when it comes to burgers and beers …and chicken wings.She’s a self confessed neat freak who also admits she likes doing laundry.Her own laundry.You can see her here in these videos at Wiggle Room,  Dangerous Dan’s and Burger Stomper


By day she’s a dynamo office worker and She’s a fun gal with a big heart that loves life, her kid, long weekends, big belly laughs, 4 inch heels, reading, cooking, playing with animals… and men, dancing in the rain, sand in her hair and really good food and big fat messy and juicy burgers.Having been in 6 videos so far ,she is a quintessential Broad.

She’s also our ‘kissing bandit‘ Broad and you can see her in the following videos.

Wiggle Room ,Dangerous Dan’s,Pauper’s, Woody’s, The Patty Shack, Burger Brats and The Golden Star

Follow her on



When this smart, sassy, fun- loving belching burger broad is  not munching on burgers she can be found..or not found.. working  for The Federal Government. She swears she’s not a spy even though she is fluent in three languages. Hailing from Detroit now living in Toronto,by night she is a Karaoke Queen and MC and she always makes time for music festivals. She changes her hair color often and is quite the chameleon when it comes to the latest fashions. Do you think this Broad has a tattoo? Ask her.

She is our belching Burger Broad and she’s very adorable when she burps.

You can see her in The Patty Shack,  and Holy Chuck Burgers,

Follow her on Twitter @ZaniZanyZane


One cup of performer, 3 tablespoons of visual artist,
a quarter cup budding photographer,one wholegrain fashion model, a pinch of designer, a cube of producer, one aged
and marinated artistic director, a sprinkle
of choreographer, a generous portion of gogo dancer and equal parts set designer & stylist.
Combine all ingredients, mix well, chill & serve!

This Broad never stops! When she is not making burgers at home or munching on one in her neighbourhood she is also a regular contributor here on the blog and somehow she still finds the time to create original, fresh and crafty things such as one of a kind thongs and waist belts, create digital art, paint backdrops for local bands and volunteer her skills, talents and time for events such as The Chocolate Ball.

You can see her here in the Dangerous Dan’s Video. She is also one of our behind the scenes on set photographer for our video shoots. In front of the camera or behind it she is a beautiful force to be reckoned with and watch fly in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Visit her site to learn more about her at


                                                                                                  Rockin’ Rhonda

What doesn’t this Broad do?!

She’s an actor,a mezzo-soprano trained in classical, she’s a musician who plays percussion and keys, and in her own words “a pontificator and a deliverer of off-colour jokes”.She is also skilled in precision driving, gun-handling, motorcycling, ski-dooing and minor stunt work as well as an accomplished and published professional writer .She has a love for Robert Louis Stevenson,a penchant for cooking and all things lighthouses so it only makes sense that she is the owner of Aye LightHouse,a B&B where she has an out of service firetruck on the property that one day she wants to turn into a chip wagon food truck.

Read more here  Currently she is studying in the UK  ( an MA Applied Music Psychology program) at Roehampton University. You can keep up with her at her blog here

When does she find the time to eat burgers? She makes the time!  See her in this video Rhino’s RoadHouse

I first met Helen when we did a showcase/interview with the Food Cabbie-Food Truck. She is married to Spiros,a chef originally from California.Together they own and operate Food Cabbie that specializes in American fare.They’ve been on the scene for about a year and half now and are very very busy with private parties, street festivals and corporate affairs so when she said she wanted to be a Burger Broad,of course I said YES!

You can see her in The Beet 

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